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The Mission of Oasis is to transform lives by connecting People to People, People to GOD and People to Purpose



Oasis will be a real, relevant and refreshing refuge for all cultures and generations



Core Values:

     Values are different from vision, principles, strategies and doctrinal beliefs.  Rather, they are matters that motivate and drive the organization.  The following are matters that we see as important to the life of the ministry.


1.   Vision.  We value the idea that God has given us a specific vision to accomplish as a church.


2.   Truth.  We value the teaching and application of truth that produces spiritual maturity.


3.   Compassion.  We value the uncharted and the evangelization of communities, corporately and personally.


4.   Power.  We value the power of the Holy Spirit and the biblical manifestation of His infilling.


5.   Celebration.  We value celebrative praise and worship in the corporate assembly.


6.   Holiness.  We value the holy lifestyle of the believer as evidence of genuine conversion.


7.   Longevity.  We value the investment of ministry in our children and youth allowing us to become a transgenerational church.


8.   Teams.  We value the concept of team ministry displayed in Exodus 18 and Acts 6, empowering ministry teams to function in the          local church.


9.   Giving.  We value the opportunity to tithe our time, money and other resources into the church.


10. Serving.  We value the saints and encourage an attitude of servanthood toward other believers.


11. Family.  We value traditional ideas of marriage and family and faithfulness to our domestic obligations.


12. Leadership.  We value God ordained spiritual authority and believe that those who lead should be honored, but never worshipped.

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